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We write

engaging content
for your therapy clients

Two blogs for your counseling website per month

(for less than the cost of one therapy session)  




Counselors and therapists want to give their clients educational blogs to help them grow. Consistent, educational content like blogs encourage the curious to choose therapy, energizes the client journey beyond session time, and stimulates valuable discussion during sessions.


But why is counseling content so hard to get?

Writing original content is HARD. It's time-consuming, emotional, and takes years to master. 

Original content is EXPENSIVE. It's more than $400-500 for a professionally written article.

Therapists worry about RISK. Singling out clients even on accident exposes therapists to risk.

Our Solution for Counselors:

  1. We're licensed therapists professional writers who "get it."

  2. We deliver two therapy-focused articles a month for less $$ than a therapy session.

  3. As a third party, we can speak objectively.




NeatlySaid is led by a two-person team with a passion for spreading the good word about therapy. Our subscription model makes content accessible and relevant for therapy practice owners that have neither time nor excess budget to provide their clients with educational opportunities.


Each month, our articles add value to the patient experience both in and outside of sessions - and help the curious make the brave step for therapy. 

Joshua Zello is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Mental Health Services Provider set on helping people grow into their potential. When he's not fly fishing, he's usually trying to beat his 8-year-old son at chess - and failing.

Josh Polgardi is an experienced marketer, copywriter, and ghostwriter with a passion for ideas and testing the status quo. When he's not remodeling his house with his wife, he's remodeling his house with his wife. 



How does this content help my clients?

Neatly Said is professionally written, therapist-approved content from real souls, written to the hearts and minds of your clients. We address common issues as an objective third party, with a relatable tone and from a refreshing perspective. This helps break down isolating and hopeless feelings clients often experience as they consider therapy or are current clients. It’s clear how important engaging content can be, and how little of it there really is for most practices.

What do I get each month?

A whole heck of a lot. It works like this:

  1. Two original, long-form articles each month, written by us. They’re insightful, light-hearted when necessary, serious when necessary, and always high-quality - bringing momentum to your clients’ therapeutic process.

  2. Exclusivity. To be clear, every subscribed practice gets the same two articles each month, written by us. They are not (and cannot be) original for each practice – because it’s just not cost effective for you. But what we can give you is reasonable (case-by-case) exclusivity in your area with this great content, so your clients and individuals interested in getting therapy are confident in how seriously you take their story.

  3. A more professional web presence. As current clients and interested individuals visit your site, they’ll see fresh, inspiring content that speaks to their story. There’s far too little compelling content for most practices, but we can change that for you.

  4. Content for two client emails. Each month we’ll also send you content for two emails inviting your clients back to your site to read and get involved with your new content. They will spark conversation, give actionable steps in their therapy, and increase the momentum of their journey.

What else can I get?

I’m glad you asked. For an additional $10/month, we'll send you 4 social media posts per month (2 for each article) which you can use to keep your clients engaged, growing, and reading your site's new blog content.

Don't have social media yet? Well this is a great opportunity to publish relevant content that nurtures and adds to the credibility of your practice.

Is this original content?

Yes. This content is written for you, by us and we never plagiarize. We take real stories from our lives and apply them to your clients’ lives in a way that fosters deeper thought and growth.

How does syndicated content work?

Think about your favorite radio station growing up. It's often a morning show out of Dallas (for example) broadcasting simultaneously in a network of stations all over the US. This is exactly that – except with online content. But the only way it works is with exclusivity (above) – meaning if you’re the first person in your reasonably immediate service area, we will do everything we can to make sure you’re the only one who has it.

Another example: just like the yellow pages of old, if someone is searching “therapy in Alpharetta, GA” they won’t get therapists from Madison, WI. And if you’re the one subscribed to Neatly Said in Alpharetta, well then you’re the one with Neatly Said content!

Can I cancel this service?

Absolutely. Our monthly subscribers can stay as long as they like, and we think they'll want to stay. We exist purely on the quality of our content and a strong understanding of what educational content can do for clients' lives. Cancel any time up to your distribution pay date and we’ll treat you with character. We won’t even ask questions.

Our yearly subscribers must commit to the full year to receive the offered discount.

Will this help my site’s SEO?

We wish we could proudly exclaim “YES!” but we know it won’t hurt your SEO. Google’s algorithms change often, but experts seem to agree that content used with permission – as long as that is clear in the content – is OK. (we make it clear in the content!)

One other thing – we don’t like to focus on SEO too much. That’s not the point. This is an added value at a very low cost to help your clients grow and relate to someone else brave enough to write about their problems. When they find your site, they’ll likely stay longer, learn something new, or perhaps trust you enough to take their first courageous leap into therapy.




Ask us anything. We can't wait to hear from you.




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