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An Alternative to Writing Your Own Therapy Blog

If you want it, you can get excellent educational content for your clients at a great price AND have it unique to your counseling practice’s service area.

Marketing for therapists and counselors

As a counselor, you spend 45 minutes every hour emotionally available and focused each day. No doubt you’re running on empty when 4:45 p.m. rolls around.

Unfortunately, work does not end there – especially practice owners. Now comes the business side, and it’s a long to-do list. So long, in fact, that online presence scarcely gets its due value or attention.

the internet and the modern therapy practice

Thinking too much about “online presence” and “marketing” can make any ethical counselor feel a little greasy. But the service you offer is critically important and probably more relevant than ever – and the best way to connect with current clients and help prospective clients make the courageous decision to pursue therapy is online.

Good News: many therapists embrace some baseline level of online presence, be it a rudimentary website or Google business listing.

Bad News: most therapists have little budget and even less time to use the internet effectively on their clients’ behalf.

What would that even look like? You don’t want to become a sales and marketing machine, that would be too far. You’re not Geico. Instead…

relationships and impact outside of sessions

We’ll make a semi-bold statement and propose that therapeutic impact through effective relationship building could be the top goal therapists strive for. This is where educational and relational content comes in.

One major way to make an impact outside of sessions is in the form of relevant, engaging articles on some common issues your clients may be facing. These articles might contain stories, explanations of certain conditions, how to get help on specific problems, or even give someone hope that they are not alone. Important stuff, right?

the current state of blogs (as of this writing)

Blogs, articles, and content in general seem to be a far underutilized (and very affordable) way to provide clients with resources as they strive to improve themselves each day. For fun,

I just Googled local counselors to see when they last posted. Here’s what popped up:

  1. Blog doesn’t exist :(

  2. January 2016 (eesh)

  3. April 2020 (not bad?)

  4. July 2020 (good!)

  5. June 2018 (argh)

  6. Blog doesn’t exist :(

No editorializing here. I went to every local listing on Google’s first page of search results as of this writing. It’s all over the place.

outsourcing isn’t a bad word

Instead of sitting back and wondering about some glorious future where you have all the free time in the world to write helpful content for your clients, why not consider starting today? We are two passionate humans - one writer, one therapist - who write engaging content so you can spend more time on other essential parts of your practice.

Here’s what it looks like:

  • Two therapy-focused articles for your practice’s website, delivered monthly (for less than the price of one therapy session)

  • Exclusivity – be the only practice in your reasonable service area with this content

  • A more-professional web presence to nurture clients and help new ones

  • 1 client email template per month

For more information, visit our Product Page here, or subscribe now!

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