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Marketing for Therapists and Counselors

Neatly Said is a place for therapists and counselors looking for a solution to a problem.

You may, along with nearly every other therapist we work with, struggle maintaining your website and blog content. In fact, this is yet another task you may never get around to. That’s OK.

It’s not a money-making pursuit, really. Instead, it is one and the same with your calling to give guidance, and to even do so generously if possible. Yet you likely have neither time to do it yourself nor thousands of dollars to outsource the work.

It’s our belief this is a missed opportunity to:

  • Help your clients on their journey outside of sessions

  • Attract and convert new clients looking for a reason to choose therapy

  • Keep contact with clients

  • Prompt valuable discussion within sessions

Time and Budget Constraints – So Now What?

Counseling content need not be expensive or hard to get for you or your clients, and this is the foundation of Neatly Said. We deliver two therapy-focused articles for your website each month for less than one therapy session.

These articles are:

  • Approved - by a Licensed Professional Counselor and Mental Health Services Provider

  • Easily Affordable – again, less than a client session

  • Professionally Written – written, edited, and re-edited to ensure it’s something you’ll want

Articles that Enlighten, Inspire, and Motivate

We designed our content to be a tool for your clients as their move through their lives and therapy. Our articles are neither so intellectual as to be prideful, nor too simple to be ignored. They’re simply true, with the following elements:

  • Story-Driven – for relatability

  • Have Innovative Headlines – to grab attention

  • Lean on Science – for credibility

  • Practical – to offer easy steps for client journeys

Here are two samples so you can see what we mean.

Why Neatly Said Came to Be

Counseling and therapy do not stop when sessions end. It’s an ongoing process, and we want to help you as you guide your clients through the hardships in their lives. We offer a positive addition to your practice, providing truly affordable opportunities to add to your clients’ lives.

Visit our Product Page for more information.

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